Using A Storage Unit As A Step Toward Minimalism

11 December 2018
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If you're thinking of taking steps toward a more minimalist lifestyle, renting a storage unit can be a huge help as you try to pare down your possessions. By renting a dedicated space to store some of your things, you'll free up room in your home and create a more peaceful living space without having to go nuclear and throw everything away.


The easiest way to begin finding things to store is to go through each room of your home one at a time. Your kitchen can be an excellent place to start since you probably have plenty of dishes and kitchen appliances you don't really use. As you go through your cupboards, be honest with yourself about the last time you really used something. If it's been more than a month or if it's an item you've used recently but know you rarely use it, pack it carefully in a box for your storage unit. For things you have multiples of, consider leaving only the ones you actually think you'll need, and send the rest to storage. Most families don't really need 10 serving spoons or six different spatulas. If you only use your stand mixer for holiday baking, it doesn't really need to be taking up counter space in your kitchen the rest of the year.


Packing books away for storage is an excellent way to free up shelf space and create a less cluttered look, so go through your living room, bedrooms and home office spaces, and take any books you don't regularly reference to your unit. Pack up any decorative items you don't take true joy in as well.


Tackle your closets while you're working on each bedroom, and donate or store anything you haven't worn recently, including shoes. Boxes of cords and computer peripherals that aren't currently in use can make the move from your closets or office to storage as well.


Many of the items in your bathroom are daily living necessities, but you might find you can reduce what you keep on hand. Store extra towels and linens if you don't want to throw them away or donate them. Decide what toiletries you really need, and take extra makeup and perfume to your storage unit. While these items won't keep forever, taking them out of your bathroom will give you a good idea of whether you really want them, and you can dispose of them if you haven't gone back for them within a month or two.


If you have a garage, chances are it's playing a catch-all role when it comes to rarely used items. Free up shelf space or even make room to store your vehicle in your garage if it's too cluttered currently by toting those rarely used, must-keep items off. A storage unit is ideal for holiday decorations and specialty tools you rarely need. Unfinished projects you can't quite bring yourself to get rid of are excellent storage candidates as well.

If you're still having trouble letting go of your stuff, remind yourself that none of your belongings are going to disappear -- they'll be waiting for you in storage if you find you truly need or want them back in your home. Remember, the ultimate goal doesn't have to be to eventually get rid of everything in your unit. While you may find that you can do without some of your stored items, keeping ones you need but rarely use tucked out of sight in a storage unit can prevent your home from accumulating so much clutter you feel stifled.