Tips For Putting Family Room Furniture Into Self Storage

19 January 2018
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Do you need to put your family room furniture into a storage unit? If so, you may have concerns about how to keep all those tables, chairs, and couches free from potential damage while they are away. Here are some tips for getting that furniture ready.

Clean Upholstered Furniture

Any furniture that is upholstered should be cleaned before putting it into self storage. Start by getting out the vacuum to go over all of the fabric surfaces, which will help remove dust and dirt that can cause the fabrics to deteriorate while they are away. It will also help keep white fabric clean, rather than let the grime set into the material. You'll find it will only be harder to clean the material if you wait to do it when you finally take the items out of storage.

Don't forget to remove couch cushions so that you can vacuum inside the furniture. Then vacuum both sides of each cushion before putting it back on. When you've finished vacuuming, you can spray down each item with a fabric protection spray.

Wax Wood Furniture

The risk of placing a wood furniture item in self storage is that it can become damaged by moisture. It helps to apply a furniture wax to all wood surfaces prior to going into storage. It can prevent moisture from soaking into the wood, which keeps it away and prevents damage due to rotting or staining.

Try to remove all of the dirt and dust that you can from the surface prior to waxing it. If the surface is dirty, the wax won't stick to the wood and leave parts exposed.

Remove Furniture Legs

If you are short on space within your storage unit, consider removing all of the legs from the items if you can. Removing those will help tables to be more compact and take up less space. Even removing couch legs can give you a couple of extra inches of height within your unit.

In addition, removing the legs will prevent damage from occurring while moving the furniture. Legs can easily get damaged when they accidentally run into an object when moving the piece of furniture. While it's not a required step, it can definitely make moving furniture easier.

For more tips on storing the furniture found in your family room, speak to a self storage company like Payless Self Storage about the best way to do it.