How Organize Your Possessions In A Self Storage Unit

30 June 2016
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Self-storage units are convenient facilities where you can keep some of your possessions that you value but cannot currently use or keep with you in your home. These facilities have many different sized units that are safe and secure and can keep your possessions in good condition until you can bring them back to your residence. This is especially true of self-storage facilities that have climate controlled units. In order to make the best use of your self-storage unit, it is important to plan ahead. Rent a storage unit that is bigger than you think you will need to allow you to organize your possessions and have access to them. Here are some tips that can help you to plan ahead and organize your possessions when renting a self-storage unit.     

  • Organize Your Possessions - Before you place your possessions in a storage unit, make a plan and organize your items and boxes. Items that you will not need to quickly retrieve can be placed in the back of your storage unit underneath of other items. In turn, the items that you know you will want to retrieve, use, and restore, can be placed in the front of your storage unit and on top of other items. Make an aisle in your storage unit that will allow you to have access to your numbered boxes without having to move many other items. 
  • Label Your Boxes and Keep an Inventory - When packing and organizing your possessions for storage, number your boxes and write the contents on the outside of each box. Create and keep an itemized inventory of your stored items and numbered boxes. Once you have stacked and stored all of your boxes and possessions, create a simple drawing of your storage unit and where each box is located. Place one copy of your inventory and drawing in the front of your storage unit and keep another copy at home with your important papers. 
  • Photograph Your Boxes and Stored Items - Take photographs of your items as you place them in storage boxes and also once you have them packed and ready to be stored. In this way, you can quickly refer to your photographs before you visit your storage unit and see what is in each box and where you have stacked and stored it. This will save you time when you want to retrieve something. It will also allow you to see where you can add another box or two in your storage unit.    

When you organize, label, and photograph your stored possessions, you will make your storage unit a useful tool. By keeping an accurate inventory of your stored possessions, you can regularly review which items you wish to retrieve, which items you wish to continue to keep in storage, and which items you can discard as they become obsolete or no longer worth saving. With this planning and documentation, you can be organized and keep actively involved in storing your possessions in your self storage unit (such as one from