A Portable Metal Carport Is A Good Choice For Protecting Your Vehicles From The Sun

31 August 2022
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If you need to protect your car from the sun but you don't have a garage, then a portable metal carport might be the best solution. The metal roof shields your car from the sun and rain. Plus, the shade helps your car stay cooler and it protects your car's interior. The good thing about a portable metal carport is that it's fairly easy to install if you have DIY skills and help, but you can have the carport installed for you if you prefer. Here's why you may want a portable metal carport to protect your car.

You Might Not Need A Building Permit

Since you're not putting up a permanent building, you may not even need a building permit. That saves money and time. However, you might still need to comply with codes when it comes to the placement of the portable carport in your front yard where it can be seen. The carport may need to be in the setback area and to the sides or back of your house.

You Can Put The Carport In A Remote Location

Portable carports come in many widths and heights. You might want one in a field for parking a tractor and other farm equipment. You might want a tall carport for parking your RV. You can even set up a portable metal carport as a source of shade for animals to rest under or for taking a break when you're working in your yard or garden.

You'll just want to make sure to anchor the carport to the ground. The carport kit should contain the anchors you need for anchoring the carport to your concrete driveway or straight to the ground. This keeps the structure from shifting or blowing over during a strong storm.

The Carport Goes Up Fast

If you just got a new car or RV and you're in a hurry to shelter your vehicle, then a portable carport is a good choice since it goes up fast. The carport can have a dirt or gravel base, or the carport can rest on top of your driveway. If you install it yourself with help from your friends, a good option is to buy a kit that has all the pieces needed for assembly including anchors and screws.

If you have the carport installed by a professional, it might be completed in a single day. A small carport might be installed in just a matter of hours. Since the carport is portable, you can always take it down when you want to move or if you just want to put the carport in a different location. 

For more information, contact a local company that sells portable metal carports