A Self-Storage Unit Keeps Your Craft Supplies Organized And Accessible

31 March 2021
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If crafting is your passion, you're probably always looking for new fabrics, yarn, and other supplies when you're shopping or going to yard sales. It doesn't take long for your home to be cluttered with craft supplies that are stuffed in closets or shoved in the attic. If you don't have a craft room in your home, then consider renting a storage unit just for your crafts. A small unit would be the perfect way to stay organized and always know what you have on hand. Here are some tips for using a storage unit for your craft supplies.

Line The Walls With Shelving Units

Since you'll be getting things out of the unit regularly, you want to keep the space organized so it's easy to grab what you need. Rather than stack boxes and bins on top of each other, place shelves in the unit so each bin can be reached easily without having to move everything around. Putting your things on shelves keeps them off the floor too, and that could be important for keeping them dry and clean. You probably can't nail anything to the wall, so buy shelving units on wheels or legs as these also provide a place for installing hooks and poles for things you want to hang to prevent wrinkling.

Use Clear Plastic Storage Bins

While a storage unit takes the place of a craft room, it's not exactly the same as having your things in a protected space, unless you opt for a climate-controlled storage unit. You'll want to keep your fabrics and yarn in clear plastic storage bins to keep dust off of them and to protect them from insects and mold. Clear bins are best since you'll be able to see through them without having to remove lids to see what's inside.

Take Photos Of Your Supplies

Take pictures of your supplies as you move them into the storage unit, so you can look at them at home later to remind you of what you already have. This could prevent you from buying the same color yarn multiple times unless you just can't resist because you find a good sale. When you're ready to start a new project, you can look at your pictures to see what supplies and colors of yarn and fabric you have available. You'll know exactly where to find what you need when your supplies are in order on a storage shelf rather than buried in the back of a closet.

When you love to sew, knit, and make things for yourself or your family, then it's hard to resist buying cute fabric on sale or bringing home vintage furniture you can recycle. The hard part is finding a way to keep your craft supplies organized so you can use them rather than just hoard them, and a good way to do that is to rent a small storage unit until you can add a craft room to your home.

To get more tips, contact a local self-storage facility.