Keeping Your Belongings Safe In Self-Storage

11 December 2020
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If you intend on storing your personal belongings at a self-storage facility, you have the peace of mind that your items are locked away where they are out of view of others. While self-storage facilities are relatively safe overall, there are precautions to take to keep your treasures completely unharmed in your absence. For additional information, contact a self-storage service.

Opt For A Facility With On-Site Security

When you go through the process of selecting a self-storage facility, be sure to inquire about the security features they provide to their customers. Some facilities have surveillance cameras to keep people from trying to get into units not belonging to them. Others provide on-site security officers that make rounds to check on units regularly. For even more protection, consider choosing a facility with a locked gate and access cards for people using their business.

Make Sure Lighting Is Adequate

Instead of selecting a facility with shaded areas and dim lighting, pick one with plenty of illumination. These are safer not only for your belongings as theft is less likely to occur but also for your protection when you visit the storage unit business to check on your belongings. To help with your decision, contact several self-storage unit facilities in the area where you wish to keep your items. Ask if they allow for potential clients to visit the facility during the nighttime hours with a staff member present to ask questions. This way you have the opportunity to check out the lighting during the time it is needed most.

Get The Right Lock

Many storage unit facilities allow patrons to use their own lock. If this is the case, when you select one, make sure the shaft portion is not too long. These are easy to cut with bolt cutters. Instead, select one that has barely enough metal to pass through the locking area so it remains secure and snug. If someone happens to pass by your unit and sees a lock that looks difficult to break open, they are likely to move on to another unit to try their luck there instead.

Know The Right Positioning

When you place items in your unit, do not put expensive pieces near the doorway where they are easy to view by others. Instead, place them behind less attractive items so they are not visible. For smaller treasures, place them inside drawers, boxes, or bins where they are tucked away and unnoticed.