Why You May Need A Storage Unit As A New Parent

23 May 2019
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As an expectant or new parent, you may need more storage space than your current home offers. A self-storage facility can help you with this extra space. Below are some of the specific ways a self-storage unit can help you.

Keeping Baby Gifts

Many expectant parents receive numerous gifts from their friends and relatives before the baby arrives. Maybe your parents kept the baby cot you used and wants to gift it to their grandparents. You may also get hand-me-down items from older siblings, cousins, and even friends. At the same time, many people also buy baby stuff before the baby actually arrives.

You can use self-storage to keep some extra items or items that a newborn baby can't use yet. For example, a newborn has no need for a scooter, toy guns, swing sets, and many other toys.

Keeping Dangerous Items

Babies, especially from the time they begin to crawl, are exposed to a number of dangers in a typical home. Examples of risks include:

  • Tall lamp stands that might fall on the baby
  • Sharp tools that might cut the baby
  • Stuffed animals or pillows that might choke the child

The risks or dangers vary with the baby's age. Thus, you can store some of the items until the baby outgrows their dangers and then bring them back to the house.

Clearing Out Valuable Space

Many people don't have dedicated baby rooms if they don't have a baby yet. Maybe you plan to use the guest bedroom, the store, or the study room as the baby's room when the baby arrives. In such a case, you will need to clear out the current contents of the room.

Maybe you plan to sell some of the stuff, donate some to your friends or redistribute some of them to the other rooms in the house. In the meantime, you can take some of them to a self-storage facility for safekeeping.

Keeping Accumulated Items

Lastly, you may also need a self-storage unit as the baby grows, accumulates, and outgrow some of their stuff. A typical child will own lots of stuff before they reach teenage. The number of items can particularly be high if you have multiple children. Self-storage can help you keep the toys, books, and clothes your kids have outgrown. Maybe you are keeping the stuff for other children, or you plan to sell them (that may take time).

Hopefully, you will get an affordable and secure storage unit for your items. Don't forget to clean and dry out everything you wish to store so they don't get damaged during storage. When you need to rent a storage container, talk to a facility near you.