Here's What The Boat Storage Facility You Choose Should Be Able To Offer

6 August 2018
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If you're like most people who own a boat, you don't have lots of room at home to store it, so you have to rely on a storage facility. Luckily, there are lots of great storage options to choose from! Following are a few features to look for when choosing a new storage facility for your boat:

Pressure Washing Services

Make maintaining your boat easy throughout the year by ensuring that the boat storage facility you choose offers onsite pressure washing services. This will allow you to thoroughly clean your boat anytime you visit it without having to take it offsite or arrange any elaborate services through a third-party provider. Whether the service is free or you have to pay a small fee each time you utilize it, you'll appreciate the opportunity to conveniently pressure wash your boat whenever you see fit.

Supply and Accessory Availability

Whether you need cleaning supplies, navigation tools, or fishing gear, the boat storage facility you choose should offer a selection of supplies and accessories onsite, or be situated within walking distance of a store that does. If you want to go get your boat and take a last-minute ocean expedition with friends, you shouldn't have to spend time finding stores that offer the supplies you'll need for the day. If the place where your boat is stored at offers the basic supplies you need, you and your party will save time on land and have more time to spend on the ocean throughout the day.

Onsite Security Features

Onsite security is one of the most important features to look for when choosing a storage facility for your boat. In addition to an entry gate and fenced perimeter, your boat storage facility should provide the following onsite:

  • Security Cameras

  • Adequate Lighting

  • Storage Unit Security Alarms

And it's a good idea to look for a boat storage facility that also features onsite security patrols, at least outside of regular operating hours.

Flexible Payment Options

Even if you don't feel the need for flexible payment options now, those options may very well come in handy at some point in the future if your financial situation changes. So, it's important to make sure that the boat storage facility you choose offers a variety of payment and account management options to choose from.

Not only should the facility allow you to pay for your storage unit month-to-month, but they should offer both long and short term lease options. You should also have access to automatic payment options, and be able to make payments as well as manage your account online.