Creative Uses For Self-Storage Units

28 November 2017
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While you may have used self-storage units in the past to hold your belongings when you're in between housing or moving across the country, there are several other ways that you can make use of the spaces. Many storage companies offer affordable monthly rates and even first-month-free promotions, which makes it easy to take advantage of the extra space. 

When it comes to choosing the type of storage unit that best suits your needs, think about size, security options, and even climate control. The size of the unit typically determines the price, so determine how much room you'll need before signing a rental agreement. If you're storing important or expensive items, such as family heirlooms or electronics, consider a storage company with on-site security guards, and purchase a heavy-duty lock. 

A self-storage unit with climate control may be especially important if you live in a humid location and need to store delicate items, such as vintage clothing or paperwork. It's also important to keep moisture at a minimum if you're storing metal items, vinyl records, artwork and bottles of wine.

Here some creative ways that you can make use of a self-storage unit:

1. Arts and Crafts 

If you're artsy but don't have much room in your home for storing all of your craft items, rent a small storage unit to keep them all in one spot. You can store paints, brushes, easels, rolls of fabric, sewing machines and supplies, and scrapbooking materials, among many other things. Storing seasonal and holiday items will also come in handy.

Keep the arts and crafts supplies neat and organized so that you can quickly pull out what you need. If you sell your work at craft fairs and festivals, you can also use the storage unit to hold your inventory between events.

2. Downsizing 

When you move into a smaller home, such as from a large house to an apartment, storage space may be at a premium. If you're not willing to part with items that you don't use every day, such as collections, heirlooms, clothing items, or seasonal decor, a small rental unit may come in handy. 

3. College Storage 

If your child is coming home from college for the summer and you don't have room for his books, furniture and other school items in your home or garage, a self-storage unit may be the answer. When it's time for him to move back into an apartment or dorm in the fall, all of his items will be conveniently in one place and ready to go. 

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