3 Important Things To Do Before Long-Term Car Storage

17 August 2017
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Are you planning on temporarily relocating overseas soon? Do you want to put your current vehicle in car storage in your areas so that it'll still be available when you get back? While some people simply sell their cars when they take a temporary job or a short military posting overseas, this isn't the best option for everyone. When you get back, locating an affordable vehicle of decent quality can be more difficult than simply properly storing your current vehicle in the first place. However, you can't simply leave your vehicle as-is and expect it to be in good condition when you get back. Some things that you need to do first include the following.

Get a tune-up: It sounds silly to get a tune-up and an oil change right before leaving your car for an extended period, but this is one of the best ways to ensure that your vehicle will still be running when you return. Old oil can be full of contaminants that can corrode your vehicle if allowed to sit for an extended period, such as while using car storage. Getting a tune-up will help ensure that your fan belts, hoses, and other parts will still be in good condition when you want to use your car again.

Buy a cover: Preferably, you should choose car storage that is covered or indoors, if at all possible. However, you should also use a cover regardless of exactly where your vehicle is being stored. If your vehicle is stored in an uncovered parking space, a cover will help keep the interior and the paint from fading prematurely. Although some people may claim that a car cover will trap heat inside your vehicle and make things worse, this is untrue. The shade created by the cover will actually keep your car's interior much cooler than it would be otherwise. A cover also serves to conceal your vehicle from would-be thieves. Although you've probably picked a storage facility with good security measures, it doesn't hurt to take extra precautions to avoid tempting thieves who might try to take a chance anyway.

Use a gasoline stabilizer: Gasoline is extremely volatile, which is what makes it a good fuel. If allowed to sit for too long, the gasoline will start to separate out into its various molecules. Once separated, your vehicle will no longer be able to use this "stale" fuel to power itself. In addition, some of the components may cause corrosion to your car's gas tank. If you're going to be gone for less than a year, use a gas stabilizer product right before parking your vehicle to keep the gas "fresh" while it's in storage. If you may be gone longer than a year, consider having a mechanic drain the gas tank and having the whole thing towed to the car storage location.