Protect Your Belongings With Care And Consideration - Items To Avoid Putting In A Storage Unit

9 May 2017
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The availability and popularity of self storage units have perhaps never been more pronounced. More people are now taking advantage of extra storage space than ever before, but with all of those new customers comes the potential for risky items to be kept in a storage locker. Making sure that you don't contribute to that risk can be an important step in keeping your things safe.

Below, you'll find a guide to some items you should be sure not to store in a self service storage unit. Avoiding these items will help guarantee that those you do store remain secure, and will also help you to be a valued customer that isn't a source of trouble for your management company.

Food and Perishables

One of the biggest challenges facing any storage facility is infestation. Bugs, mice, and other pests can cause serious damage if they infiltrate storage units, and nothing draws them out of hiding and into belongings quite like the smell of food.

Even if you're only looking at a temporary need for storage, keeping food in a storage unit is a bad choice. Not only is the environment unlikely to be conducive to keeping items fresh, but you're also going to be providing bait for the aforementioned animals that could then destroy the belongs in your unit or those around it.

Flammable Chemicals

It doesn't take much for a spark to become a raging inferno, and in a storage facility, that risk may be increased. Stagnant air and densely packed furniture and boxes can be a dangerous recipe, and the introduction of an accelerant can be a real problem.

Hazardous chemicals, especially those which are flammable, have no place in your storage unit. The fumes may become overpowering if they leak inside the unit, and in the event of an unexpected source of ignition, anything that might contribute to spreading a fire should be avoided at all costs.


Keeping firearms safe and secure is the responsibility of every gun owner, and your storage unit likely does not meet the definition of a secure facility. Not only are your weapons likely to be damaged by an unregulated environment, they may also pose a risk of going off unexpectedly or otherwise posing a danger to the units around you. Always keep your firearms locked in a secure gun safe in your home, and if you have no more room to store them, pursue specialized storage options.