2 Storage Tips To Prevent Humidity From Warping Your Vinyl Records

26 April 2017
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If you have a large collection of vinyl records, then you know how much space these items can take up. In order to make remove for additional items, you can store them either in your garage or a storage unit. However, storing your records away without some kind of precaution can end up warping the records. Garages and storage units are home to humidity. This issue is even more common if you live in a location that gets incredibly hot during the summer. The unit or garage space creates moisture pockets. In many cases, you will notice the warped records before you notice how humid the storage room is. Luckily, there are a few storage tips that can be used to guide you when putting your favorite records away.

Avoid Covering Your Records in Plastic

One of the most common things used when storing items is plastic. Many people decide to use plastic coverings in order to protect important items against dust or leaks. However, a plastic sheet will only cause moisture development. As your records absorb this moisture, their shape will change. Therefore, consider storing your records in boxes. Pack each box until it is tightly filled with your vinyl records. It is important to make sure the records are not packed and there is not too much space. Use a standard lid to cover the container and store it on a shelf that is elevated from the ground. The box will give your records enough air to breathe and will ensure that they maintain their shape will stored away.

Try to Control the Room Temperature

One of the simplest ways to prevent any warping is to control the room temperature at all times. Many storage units offer you this ability as an added feature. You may need to pay extra but this feature will ensure that your room does not get too hot. If you are storing your records in your room, then you should consider installing a humidity control device in your garage. This can be costly, therefore; it is important to weigh the potential damage costs of your collection with the cost of installation. However, you can always consider renting out a storage unit to help offset these costs.

Placing items into storage can result in a number of surprises when they are removed weeks or months later. Therefore, use these storage tips to help minimize these surprises. For more information, contact companies like Coastal Mini Storage.