Load These Items Into Your Boat Before It Goes Into Storage

24 April 2017
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Storing your boat for the winter is a good idea for several reasons. In a storage facility, your boat will be kept out of the harsh weather that arrives during the winter; high winds could harm the boat and heavy loads of snow could stretch and rips its cover. Additionally, putting the boat in a storage facility will keep it from taking up valuable space in your garage or yard. Before you tow the boat to its winter home, it's worthwhile to think about which items you can store inside it. Since your storage unit will be warm and dry, you may be interested in placing a handful of items in the boat so that they don't clutter your garage, too. Here are some suggestions.

Fishing Gear

Unless you're planning on doing so ice fishing over the winter — and if that's the case, you'll only need minimal gear — you won't need your fishing gear after you put your boat into storage. Rods and reels, tackle boxes, fishing attire, and other items can clutter your garage or basement and only get in the way over the winter. Instead, load them into your boat before you put it into storage — the boat may even be equipped with storage compartments that are ideal for holding these items.

Water Recreational Gear

If you primarily use your boat for leisure activities with your family, you might have a number of different pieces of recreational gear that require storage over the winter months. These items can be bulky and compromise valuable storage space in your home. For example, inner tubes, paddle boards, tow ropes, as well as a number of life jackets, can all fit snugly into your boat before you pull the tarp over it. When the weather turns warm and you're ready for some adventures on the lake, these items will be ready when you pick up your boat.

Cottage Equipment

If you typically take your boat to your cottage for the summer, you probably have a vehicle full of other items that you leave at the cottage throughout the season. It's worthwhile to consider storing these things with your boat so that they'll be ready for you when springtime arrives. Depending on the size and features of your cottage, this list could include coolers, pots and pans, beach towels, and other similar items. If you don't anticipate using them at home during the winter, your stored boat is a perfect spot for them. For more information about boat storage, visit a business such as the Riverside Marina.